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Bluestacks is an Android emulator used to run Android apps on PC(Windows & macOS). It basically acts as a bridge between the Android and other operating systems which helps to use Android apps on them. Bluestacks PC is a very well known emulator used worldwide. It has a lot of features for the users with a user-friendly interface. Here I will guide you about how to download Bluestacks for PC. But first, we have to know what is Bluestacks?

About Bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators available online right now. It not only gives you a perfect android system experience on your PC but also provides you with extra beneficial features. It is developed by the leading American Software development company “Bluestacks” due to which it is named. Its first version is released in 2011. After that Bluestacks started to grow with other tech giants systems like Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, and AMD, etc.

Similarly, the emulator is liberated to use and ad-supported, with a premium subscription tier that removes advertising and provides extra customization options and priority tech support. Moreover, Bluestacks has many interesting features like a powerful emulator with a lot of games played easily using it, Sharp graphics which enhance your user experience, superior compatibility, online chatting feature, and a lot of other exciting features as well which can bring a lot of likeness towards it.

With this software, you’ll be able to use any quite Android applications on your PC or laptops. a lot of users use BlueStacks to play popular games like PUBG Mobile, ROS, and Candy Crush. Users also use this for messaging apps like Messenger, Snapchat, and others. No wonder BlueStacks is that the best Android emulator. Another great thing is that about 96% of Android apps are compatible with Bluestacks emulator. Due to that, it is like having a Playstore on your PC or laptop. This explains why BlueStacks is one of the foremost popular Android emulators.

Other Features of Bluestacks

  • Play games with an easy key mapping tool.
  • Tilting, Swiping, and do way more mobile action together with your keyboard and mouse.
  • Bluestacks allows you to play multiple apps directly.
  • Click the “Full-Screen” button and immerse yourself inside App Player.
  • Get quick access to functions of BlueStacks like shaking the screen, adjust volume, and lots of more.
  • Good security, Better Performance, Hassle-free installation, and easy device integration, etc.

How to Download Bluestacks for Windows PC and macOS?

After the brief introduction and feature explanation now the question arises on how to download and install Bluestacks on PC? To answer this question the step by step process is discussed below:-

  1. Firstly go to the official website of Bluestacks.
  2. Lookup for the “Download Bluestacks” tab on it.
  3. After finding click on that tab to start downloading the setup of Bluestacks in .exe file.bluestacks-download
  4. When the download gets finished, open the file from the Downloads folder of PC.
  5. Subsequently, an installation wizard pop-up.
  6. Click on the install button to proceed forward.Bluestacks-installation
  7. In a few minutes, the installation gets complete.

How to use Bluestacks on PC?

After the installation of Bluestacks on PC now I will guide you about how to start using Bluestacks:-

  • Launch Bluestacks on PC.
  • After that enter your Gmail account credentials and log in to it.
  • When the login is successful a homepage of Bluestacks emulator open up.
  • You can now install your favorite apps from Google Play Store.

System Requirements

Bluestacks is a high-end software, so you need a system with good hardware configuration. The recommended minimum requirements for better performance of Bluestacks emulator you need to have are listed here which are the following:-

  • OS – Windows 7 or above version.
  • Harddisk – up to 5 GB free disk space.
  • RAM – at least 2 GB RAM is required (4 GB is the recommended RAM space).
  • Intel or AMD processor.
  • Updated graphics card drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Is Bluestacks emulator free?

A- Yes, Bluestacks emulator is free to use.

2- Which is Best Bluestacks or Nox?

A- Bluestacks latest version is far better than Nox in every mode of use.

3- Is Bluestacks a trustable software?

A- Yes, Bluestacks is a trustable software with security features that can protect your privacy. But, remember that download Bluestacks from the official platform, not from third-party websites.

4- What is the function of Bluestacks?

A- Bluestacks act as a host between Android and other operating systems (Windows, Mac) to use Android apps on them.

5- Which version of Bluestacks is best for PC?

A- Obviously the latest version i.e. Bluestacks 4 is best for PC. It is also best for the low-end systems because it is lighter than previous versions.

Alternative to Bluestacks for PC

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In the End, Bluestacks is the best android emulator. With an easy user interface, it can be easily usable by all the ages. It can enhance your gaming experience on a PC with its powerful and superior compatibility. The trustable software with 100% security of your apps and data. Transform your PC into the Android OS with just one click. Another amazing experience you get from it is the online chat platform during usage of your favorite apps and games. With exceptional functionality, you can use all the Android apps available on Google Play Store. Bluestacks for Windows PC provides you with good speed and better performance on your laptops or desktops. So what are you waiting for? Open your system and install this wonderful software to enjoy your favorite apps and games with a breathtaking experience.


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